Bass player, musician, father
Photos & Words
Kristian Holm
Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hugo Rasmussen was one of the most productive and sought after bass players in history. 
His soft touch on the contrabass is recorded on over a 1000 productions.
Throughout his career he played with heros like Ben Webster, Dextor Gordon, Tom Waits
and Al Grey.

I visited him one afternoon in his house north of Copenhagen and he taught me how to make
elderflower juice. Later we drove my old car to a tree on top of a hill.
This was Hugos special place where he went to see all the sunsets he could while home.

Hugo has been on that road since starting out as a pro bass player, age 18.
Booked out all the time. When I visited him he still had a full schedule, taking calls on the
landline in his home office. 
Later, I went to see him play Cafe Snork, a local bar in Vesterbro Copenhagen.
This is where he played, along with friends, free of charge every Sunday.
That Sunday him and his band played alongside friend and acclaimed TV actor Tom McEwan.

One of my childhood fascinations was Hugo, playing on the one & only
TV channel we had back then -Danish National Television.  He showed up there with his long
red hair and big beard. Symbolising calmness and played his beautiful contrabass.

Hugo played a little for me while in his house and as I lay there on the ground,
trying to capture the moment I felt very blessed and so pleased that I made the contact,
being a small part of this mans life that one afternoon.

Hugo Rasmussen 1941 - 2015 R.I.P.