Mumbai Sleeping

A series about the everyday worker and the need for rest where ever possible.
Saturday, January 7, 2017

In Bombay or Mumbay as the city is called these days, it not alway easy finding a quiet spot.
But that dosen't seem to keep the locals from taking a nap around town and where ever possible.

I travelled to India some years ago to find myself and do some photo projects.
When landing in Mumbai, curously walking around the streets looking for projects to capture,
it slowly came to me that the one thing very hard to find in this, Indias 2nd largest city,
is a quiet place to rest.

Only in certain temples and maybe a corner of an huge park you can finde some stillness
in this highly energetic city.
A lot of the people working around the city often lives fare away and there is a feeling of
tiredness here and are longing to rest the eyes.

Also with the fact that Indian people are not brought up with the same need for personal
space as the western people, it seem that the everyday woman, child or man can fall
a sleep everywhere.

Suddently my first project did take form and is captured on a Contax G2 camera with various
films and all developed in Mumbai. The project was exhibited at Copenhagen Photo festival.